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we offer comfortable apartments, baby-beds and baby high-chairs for little
children, help and nice from the owners, big green spaces for big persons
and children, a swimming-pool with comfortable sunbeds, a beautiful
panorama, tennis-table, tv sat.

You can visite: Bagno Vignoni with his termal water and his watermills.
Montalcino the town of the famous red wine and Brunello wine,
Banfi Castle (Poggio alle Mura), where you can
make the wine tasting and visite the cellar.
Montepulciano with the wine street. Pienza beautiful art city,
Montichiello town of the poor theatre, the
beautiful Abbey of Sant'Antimo, the Cathedral of Sant'Anna in Camprena
(where they shoot the famous film the English Patience), nearby to our
agriturismo we have the area where they
shoot the importants scenes of the gladiator.
Siena city of the Palio and of antiques museums of important painters and
the beautiful Duomo.
Florence at only one and a half our by car.
Cortona the city of the Signorelli.
Rome that is 2 hours by car or one hour by train.
As least but not lesser important the famous tuscan cooking way that is
wonderfull for the body and for the palate.

Anna Maria Veltroni

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