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, was one of the most powerful cities in the Etruscan league, reaching the 7th and 6th centuries BC. There is a large number of Etruscan tombs in the surrounding countryside.


Museo Nazionale Etrusco
Via Porsenna 2 - Tel. 0578-20177.
Open daily

The museum was founded in 1871 and is now packed with cremation urns, vases decorated with blank figures, and Bucchero ware, burnished to resemble bronze. Most of these were excavated from tombs in the area. Arrangements can be made at the museum to visit local tombs.


Piazza del Duomo - Open daily

The Romanesque cathedral is opposite the museum and built from recycled Roman pillars and capitals. The decorations on the nave walls appear to be mosaics, but in fact were painted by Arturo Viligiardi in 1887. There is an authentic Roman mosaic underneath the high altar.


Museo della Cattedrale
Piazza del Duomo - Tel. 0578-226490.
Open daily

The museum, found in the cloister of the cathedral, has a display of Roman, Lombardic and medieval sculpture. In this museum, visits can be arranged to the underground galleries beneath the city, dug by the Etruscans and used as catacombs by early Cristians in the 3rd-5th centuries.


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