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Itinerary n. 4 •

The trekking of the street robbers
( Montalcino - Vallafrico - Manachiara
Barbi - Caggiolo - Ripa )
livello max. m. 514 livello min. m. 229

Roads: From Montalcino to Bagno Vignoni on field-paths This is a beautiful, but very long hike, which will take you through a scarcely inhabited area to the Val d'Orcia. The direction is similar to the one of itinerary Nr. 10, but the route differs. At the beginning you need to walk for about fourkilometers on the main road in the direction of S.Antimo. Then you turn left on a farm road, which takes you to thefarm Fattoria dei Barbi. After a few hundred meters again turn to the left and walk down to the farm Vallafrico and from there to the farm Manachiara, which overlooks the valley of the Asso. From Manachiara, take the road leading down to the ditch of Manapietra. Following this route you will get to the farm Pinsale and immediately thereafter to the farm Barbi. These places are historically tied to tales about two highway robbers, who lived in these woods between the XIX and the beginning of the XX century. Their names were Bruscon and Braicche. Walking downhill from Barbi you will come to Molin del Fiore. After this evocative and fascinating place you have to go over the railway line and once on the other side you need to find the road to Caggiolo. After Caggiolo, always keeping to your right, you will come to the castle Ripa, after only a few kilometers walk on the path through the woods. The visit of the castle is highly recommended, especially as from the castle you can enjoy a fantastic view over the gorge of the Orcia. Take the municipal road, walk for about one kilometer and then turn right, downhill in direction of Mulina From there you have to follow the wartorn but beautiful, exposed river-bed and after about half an hour you will reach Bagno Vignoni.

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